Company ethics

One of the major values of MAMMOS NURSERIES, which has led us to be market leaders in our field, is how sensible we stand towards the environment, as well as the holistic approach on all environmental issues.

We save water resources, plant healthy products and spray as less fertilizers as possible. Thus following a strategy of integrated management in agricultural production.

Since 2011, our company is in a transition stage moving from conventional to organic cultivations

During production we follow the here below eco-friendly policies:

  • Re-use of plastic pots.
  • Recyclable inorganic material is transformed to organic one, to be used as soil conditioner in both production and execution of plantations for our clients, or landscapes.
  • Water recycling is made in order to save water.
  • Economy on chemical nutritional and plant protection materials.
  • Use of modern equipment which corresponds to the latest demands of European regulations.
  • Speedy plants delivery, as timely delivery, offer additional savings in fuels and unnecessary transport.