Our history

Three generations back, S. Mammos founded Mammos Nurseries and, started producing olive saplings crafted on wild olive shoots, planted and sold in pots, for growers use, a novelty at the time.
Mammos Nurseries becomes a market leader offering quality crafted olive plants. In order to meet the growing demand, we organized a network of representatives throughout Greece. The company, at this point buys the first truck and starts distributing the plants, wherever needed.
Production reaches 600,000 olive trees per year.
Mammos Nurseries starts cultivation of pistachio saplings, citrus trees and other fruit trees for growers.
The company acquires a more commercial profile. Michael Mammos and his wife Evangelia join the company’s staff. Also this year ornamental plants are added to the production and become available.
MAMMOS Nurseries establish an international presence with the export of olive trees to Europe, and by importing ornamental plants for the local Greek market. The company has already, now established a major position also in the field of ornamental plants.
Ornamental plants production becomes a reality and 20,000 sq.m. of land is used to grow palm trees of all varieties.
The production range is broadened with conifers and ornamental shrubs production.
A Rootballer is imported from Italy, a machine that helps uprooting the plant with its root in a soil ball shape. At this time, also a second international transportation truck is added to our fleet in order to support both exports and imports to and from abroad.
Grandson Sotiris M. Mammos takes up the company’s management and applies a modern approach to the business, adding new practices in production, in export and the organization of the business.
Mammos Nurseries put their seal on landscaping projects. The plan and execute landscaping for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, on several of its projects, such as the Olympic Village, the Galatsi Olympic Hall, the Schinias Olympic Rowing and the Canoeing Centre, and many others.
The company invests further, by building its modern office headquarters, builds rooting facilities for cuttings and erects modern green/glasshouses. It also purchases new equipment, as well as more vehicles for facilitating plants transportation.
2013 In spite of the nowadays financial difficulties worldwide, MAMMOS Nurseries keeps on having a steady and successful course, by combining always high quality with reasonable prices, aiming to the satisfaction and support of its clients.