For the grower

MAMMOS Nurseries have always been pioneers in the agricultural sector adopting new cultivations methods. Our constant clientele and our harmonic association with them is our reward.

To the grower, we offer plants of all species and varieties, produced according to the European Regulations, fully certified by the Authorities.

We assist our clients/growers with advises and consultation for them to choose suitable plant varieties and correct cultivation methods. We also offer follow up service, if required. Our long experience combined with our scientific present invaluable assistance.

Additionally, we undertake to carry out cultivations, landscaping, flower production in Greece and abroad both for decoration and production purposes.

We also offer species which come from countries with a similar climate to ours thus offering the growers more choice.

It is worth mentioning that we have started, since 2011, the transition to organic cultivations.

Below is a list of the species and varieties that we offer:

  1. Olive trees of all varieties, Greek and international, of traditional and very intensive agriculture:
    • Alexandroupoli or Makri olive
    • Amphissis or canned olive
    • Spanish olive
    • Kalamon olive
    • Koroneiki olive
    • Manaki olive
    • Megara olive
    • Chalkidiki olive
    • Piqual
    • Leccino
  2. Citrus trees of all species and varieties:
    • Grapefruit
    • Citrus lemon
    • Kumquat
    • Lime
    • Lemon trees
    • Tangerine trees
    • Sour orange trees
    • Bergamot
    • Orange trees
    • Pome lo
  3. Bearing deciduous plants:
    • Kiwi
    • Almond trees
    • Pear trees
    • Apricot trees
    • Plum trees
    • Walnut trees
    • Chestnut trees
    • Cherry trees
    • Quince trees
    • Lotus
    • Apple trees
    • Loquat trees
    • Nectarine trees
    • Peach trees
    • Pomegranate trees
    • Fig trees
    • Hazelnut trees
  4. Superfruits
    • Aronia (Chokeberries)
    • Sea-buckthorn
    • Goji Berry
    • Blueberry
    • Berry
    • Cornus
    • Cranberry
    • Gooseberry
  5. Seeds–Seedlings (regeneration plants)
    • For Poaceae (true grass)
    • For Cereals
    • For Biomass cultivations
    • For Animal feed
    • Horticultural