MAMMOS Nurseries have a wide range of plants, small, medium and large size and stage of growth, and also of EXTRA large dimensions.

Palms and Tropical plants

We cultivate the most popular species of palms in a land of 140,000 sq.m. for the Greek and the international market. Our export activity extends to Europe, Middle East and Asia. Constant surveillance on the plants by our specialized personnel, sustains optimum quality plants free of diseases or infestations.


The increased demand for conifer group plants is a result of their suitability to be used in many different ways, and their high endurance and low caring demands. We grow conifers in a land of 90,000 sq.m. local varieties or imported, all certified.


The wide range of shrubs and their flexibility for various uses, makes them an important category of ornamental plants. We grow shrubs in a land of 40,000 sq.m. being able to cover the highest quantitative and qualitative landscaping expectations.

Ornamental trees

Both evergreen and deciduous ornamental trees have a decorative value and a multifunctional character. They are essential elements in a landscape. We grow ornamental trees in a land of 50,000 sq.m. ourselves, but also we import from abroad; in this way our stock will always have sufficient varieties and sizes, including trees of EXTRA large dimensions.

Ornamental fruit trees

One of the initial activities of our company was producing ornamental fruit trees which have a dual nature: they are both productive and decorative. We grow them in a land of 40,000 sq.m.

Climbing plants

Climbing give the possibility to highlight or to understate some special features of every space in landscaping. This is why we grow and offer wide range of evergreen and deciduous plants.

Seasonal plants

Seasonal plants are a major element of each landscape or home garden as they offer a big color variety, shapes and odors. We have more than 80 different species of seasonal flower throughout the year.

Seeds - Cuttings

We offer seeds of all kinds and plant cuttings. These are used for seeding grass, ground green cover or planting windbreaks or hedges for privacy protection.